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If you're reading this, it's likely that you've met Ash or Christine Gupta at a conference or event or that you've read their profiles and articles on Linkedin

In that case you won't be surprised to learn that the focus of the Gupta Partnership has been shifting from marketing to corporate bridge-making under the banner of Gupta Smart Energy.

What caused the shift in focus
In the past we were known as an international marketing and communications company. Then clients began to draw us into the business of seeding all-new low carbon technologies which could disrupt entire markets. Sustainable transport, renewable energy, smart cities, cyber-security, LED lighting - these are all areas where we are helping innovators to bring their products to market.

These days large scale organisations are developing new energy technology and leveraging the advancements of others to disrupt existing markets and penetrate new ones. This trend has seen enterprises increasingly influenced by and interconnected with innovations outside their traditional industry. Think of car manufacturers like Ford and BMW moving from automotive retail to mobility-as-a-service or look at the amount of collaboration involved in an enterprise like EVShare or SmartKlub.

Companies are seeking many different and more agile partners to create innovative solutions and together position themselves at the forefront of new markets with new products and services and enhanced core offerings. This concept allows enterprises to look beyond their four walls to bring in ideas more quickly and frequently in order to enhance their operations — and also save time and money.
The value of the bridge-maker
Internal and external bridge-makers can act as gateways to the external innovation ecosystem. While internal bridge-makers have deep insight into the needs of their business and technology, they may not have a view into the broader innovation landscape across other industries. External bridge-makers connect the innovation demand side with the supply side, composed of the universities, R&D centres, start-ups and entrepreneurs who develop innovations that meet the needs of the market.

A bridge-maker can serve as a critical facilitator between the players, variously as an intermediary to help connect an organisation to the appropriate partner, act as a buffer between partners with conflicting cultures, provide support in mitigating risk and assist in piloting and deploying energy technologies.

To learn more about this service take a look at our Gupta Smart Energy website.

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